At the frontier
of trading

What we do

Star Beta is a diversified Proprietary Trading Firm trading in multiple asset classes such as Futures, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies.

We are official market makers on many of the major international exchanges including CME, EUREX and JPX. We also operate one of the largest Cryptocurrency Trading operations in the world with over 80 dedicated full-time Cryptocurrency traders.

Work with us

To be at the frontier of trading we need to continually explore new horizons and new ways of looking at what we do. Nurturing young talent is a key part of that approach.

Star Beta trainees are taught to establish their own style and to develop strategies which they continually improve and adapt to the changing market conditions.

The first stage in our selection process for Trainee Traders is to allow chosen applicants to demonstrate a level of natural ability and genuine motivation by taking part in our quarterly trading competition.


Operating 24/7
Daily Bitcoin
Number of
Crypto traders

Our story

Star Beta was founded by Mark Zagora and Don Di Vincenzo. Mark and Don met whilst trading at a large Proprietary Trading Firm in London in 2002 and formed a strong working relationship built on a common passion for Trading. Both Mark and Don have a long history of training and mentoring traders with many of the traders at Star Beta having been taught directly by Mark or Don over the past 15 years.